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We consult. We speak. We train.  We accelerate. 

Every organization has its unique challenges with entry-level employees.
Therefore, our approach is designed to be both comprehensive, flexible and customizable at the same time. Our expertise complements the internal expertise in every organization. 



img_2020-solution  2020 Workforce Solution

With knowledge generational issues can be understood, but developmental issues can be impacted. 

Below are presentations that can impact conversations around the topics of corporate culture, demographics, diversity, generations/generational issues, human resources, leadership and management. Of course, customized training is an option.

The Gen Y Talent Factor in "The 2020 Workplace"
The 2020 Workplace conversation is of vital importance to the overall business strategy of organizations.  Attracting, retaining and developing Gen Y - today's entry-level employees and tomorrow's leaders - with their unique aspirations and traits in a global business environment are key factors in the ability of organizations to reach their strategic goals.  Leaders must understand the changing dynamics of Gen Y employees holistically to answer the question "Are You Ready for the Future Workforce?" as Gen Y brings specific expectations to the workpalce unique to their generation.  However, employers are experiencing challenges beyond generational differences posing an entirely different question "Are They Ready to Work?". Both questions are critical and require a deep understanding of the underlying generational and developmental nuances.  This knowledge is a prerequisite in order to design specific practices (from recruitment to development) resulting in bench strength for "The 2020 Workplace".  

Managing Gen Y Talent 
Managers of Gen Y employees are increasingly experiencing a gap in their management approach as they face the reality of managing eager and motivated individuals who require "hands on" management.  Learn how to reframe how you work with twenty-something's by understanding Gen Y's unique aspirations, traits, and the new life stage of development, emerging adulthood.  Using tactical mangement strategies on a daily basis not only decreases frustration but increases performance results, retention, and prepares Gen Y talent for their future roles.  

What's In It For Me: Taking Development Into Their Own Hands 
Employees are also responsible for their own development - it isn't all up to the employer. Information about emerging adulthood and an understanding of their own generation resonates with young employees (18-30). It provides a perspective to help them navigate workplace experiences.
(For entry-level employees)



img_consult  We Consult.

Getting to the core issue(s).

Entry-Level Practices Analysis™- "EPA" 
The EPA utilizes a dual quantitative and qualitative approach to provide organizations with an in-depth analysis of their organization as it relates to entry-level talent. We survey, interview and report back on our findings. Here's the focus.


Engagement Practices
Organizations who understand the Gen Y "deal breakers" implement strategic attraction, training, and engagement practices to retain their newest employees. From the first click on an organization's website to the last day of training, organizations need to know if the return on their investment is resulting in employees committed to the future of the organization.


Connection Practices
Retaining entry-level employees depends to a high degree on how connected they feel to the organization and most importantly to their manager. Assessing the connection practices includes; how valued individuals feel, the quality of interactions with their managers and how tied they are to the purpose of the organization, including recognition practices. 


Development Practices
Planning for the future is critical...and employees are planning their future with or without their employers input. Evaluating development practices includes assessing both generation and developmental expertise, competency structure, high potential programs, management practices, and organizational planning practices including succession and knowledge transfer planning.


Many organizations prefer to address one area of the EPA at a time. Emerging Advantage works to identify the most critical area of need and focus available organizational resources to address the highest priorities.



img_certify  We Certify.

Corporate focus on developing the next generation of leaders finds a gap in current practices as Gen Y continues to expand a presence in the workplace.

Emerging Advantage broadens the perspective of talent development professionals by providing insight focused on young adult development theory, Gen Y characteristics, Emerging Adulthood, and The Establishing Professional Identity Competency Model (EPIC Model™).    The certification process arms those involved in designing corporate programs including college recruitment, high potential talent programs, mentor programs, and training programs, weave this deep knowledge into their current practices in the workplace as it relates to the strategic and individual importance of developing Gen Y employees.



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